Guaranteed Sensational Audience Response!
Loudest sound ever heard in the venue.

Magic Bingo™ always receives a sensational audience response and has made me thousands of dollars!  Magic Bingo™ is played like any other bingo game.  The first player to get five numbers in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins, except for one major difference... and this is the powerful secret. . . everyone wins at the same time!

Here is the really good news. Because of savings in distribution costs
through the Internet and to make Magic Bingo™ available to more
performers, we have reduced the purchase price from $200.00
to only $39.00.  Print out yourself and Save!!

It has been proven many times, Magic Bingo™ is a terrific addition to any magic show or event, and an exceptional way to make more money with your magic. That's why I kept Magic Bingo exclusive for our clients for almost four decades.

When I finally released Magic Bingo™ about eight years ago, one way I protected it was with a high price, $200. (See testimonials on the next page to find how powerful it has been for those who bought it at that price).

Order now and we will send your digital Magic Bingo™ immediately, right to your computer, iPhone, Droid or whatever. You will receive complete instructions, how to print out and play Magic Bingo™ using your bingo cage or any other method that you already have.  Or, if you don't have a way to play bingo now, included with your purchase are bingo number cards that you can print on your computer, cut up and place in any large bowl or plastic bag to play the game.

Even more important, you receive templates of all of the designs for the special bingo cards which you can easily print on your computer or have inexpensively printed in any copy shop or office supply store. This has never been possible before. Until now, if you wanted personalized bingo cards you had to order them from us. This was expensive and there was a time delay while the cards were printed and delivered to you. Now, since you receive the template for the bingo cards, you can print and personalize the cards with your name, how to reach you, with the sponsor's name or the magic winning word(s), such as “Happy Birthday Marie”, or whatever you want.

Mark Wilson
P.O. Box 801839
Santa Clarita, CA


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